The Drifter Legacy: House 001

Hey everyone and welcome to my new Drifter Challenge Story.
It’s been awhile since I’ve last share my sims with you all, so kinda nervous.

I’m sure most of you are used to the Drifter Challenge and their rules, but if you not, you can find any info here,

We are starting with House 001, where my founder needs to build a house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath that cost 30,000 or more, and the heir needs to reach Young Adult. With that said, lets get started.

Meet Anya Drifter, she’s creative, foodie, and loner, who wants to be a Painter Extraordinaire

She starts her new life digging

Collecting frogs

And eating a plate of food she finds laying on the ground

What we have after her first night collecting

The next day, Anya started her garden

And went fishing

Where she caught a goldfish

Anya social was starting to go into the red, when she spotted the local mailman

Anya: Hey I’m Anya
Mailman: …….

The gardening is coming along, and a few necessaries

Anya finish her first painting

Which made her think about food.

How the lot look like now.


Stafford Perfect Gene I’m Surrounded By Idiots

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my Legacy. I’m not good at these, but I wanted to share my game with you all. I am starting this blog where my founder is in Uni for the second time, but I will post some pictures from her teens and early YA years.